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According to Scientific American, storytelling is one of the few human traits that is truly universal. We agree wholeheartedly. We love storytelling, though we cringe at how often the word is overused. While storytelling can mean many things to many people, our brand of storytelling is inspired by Aesop (620 – 560 BC), whose stories have been retold over centuries, in several languages and across distant places. At their core, Aesop’s stories:


  • Reframe everyday complexities into simple, memorable and motivational messages

  • Influence us to behave differently

  • Create connectivity, on an emotional level  preference and trust 


Put simply, our communications approach is based on the idea that people, no matter where they are or where they are from, are attracted to stories and those who tell them. In partnering with clients, we work to embed their stories in our conversations with the news media, our strategies to organize third parties and our messages to stakeholders. In final analysis, the greatest contribution we can make to our clients is the ability to call their stakeholders to action because of their ability to create and tell their stories. 

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.

                 – Philip Pullman

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